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Overdrawn by N.J. Crosskey will be the book everyone is talking about for a long time to come. Just watch. There are several reasons why this book is just perfect for this day and age. Let me see if I can break it down for you. Not to say that you’re dumb, because you’re not, I’m just really into this story and want to get it right lol.

First of all, this is a dystopian world without all of the broken government/survival of the fittest type of situation going on, like we’ve seen in many a dystopian book in the past. Don’t get me wrong, I love those types of books, but sometimes it’s more fun to read about a future that isn’t in the depths of Hell (at least for the most part). Another interesting factor of this book is that it takes my generation, the millenials, and shows what the future could hold for us.

Society has come to a standstill, there’s a fork in the road, but both paths don’t have the best of choices. Down one path, the aging generation, the old people, the ones who didn’t fight for their freedom like past generations before, are taking up too much space and resources. There isn’t enough to go around for everyone in this ageist society. Down the other path, freedom for the old people. Freedom in the form of death. Just take some medicine and die so that everyone else can live happily.

At the beginning of this fork we meet Henry. His wife is not doing well. She’s in the battle of her life with Dementia, but all the doctors want to do is give her medicine to make her sleep forever, the medication she’s on will only last a little while longer-and Henry’s resources and money are running low. Henry isn’t ready to give up on his wife just yet, and when he meets Kaitlyn who is struggling to keep her brother alive, the two become reluctant friends and business partners.

What will happen if Henry can’t get the medicine to keep his wife alive? Will Kaitlyn’s brother wake up from the coma? This book is painful and powerful, it’s scary how well Crosskey can take all of our fears about the future and thrust them in our faces. With her last book, Poster Boy, she found her niche in the book world. Now, she’s ready to come out swinging.

I absolutely adored this book, not only did I relate to Henry as he’s getting older, but the expectations for the future were spot on, and it was horrifying. This is the type of book that’ll keep you up at night flipping pages. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

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