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Every Stolen Breath


You can quote me now, Every Stolen Breath will be the book of the year! If you haven’t picked up this incredibly addicting novel by Kimberly Gabriel yet, then you need to head on out to the bookstore right now! 

The opening places us right in the middle of a large crowd. Already the anxiety has taken over. The main character, Lia, is scanning her surroundings. She knows someone is out to harm the innocent people in the crowd. She just doesn’t know who’s safe and who is evil. The Swarm killed her dad, and she’s positive she’s next in their list. 

You’d think The Swarm was some type of chemical warfare, drug, or anonymous assassinator, but in fact, The Swarm is a flash mob. The Swarm has figured out how to take over public areas and city streets in order to murder someone without anyone finding out how or who did it. 

Lia’s fascination with the swarm and the ever-present Freud from her father’s death leads her to a close encounter with the enemy. She then bands together with a boy she’s pretty sure saved her life, and together they want to find out the truth. 

There is heart-pounding action, heart-stopping suspense, and a killer storyline in this amazing YA thriller! I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

1 thought on “Every Stolen Breath”

  1. I’m so excited about this book! I put it on my Christmas list with stars around it so hopefully my husband gets the hint! Thank you for being on this tour. Sara @ TLC Book Tours


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