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No Judgements


Bree is in the middle of a hurricane, but she doesn’t mind. What she has a problem with is all of the animals who are going to be stuck on Little Bridge Island with her In No Judgements by Meg Cabot, we follow Bree as she makes her name known for her love and animals and willingness to help when the island’s resident’s pets are trapped with no one to take care of them.

Running off to Little Bridge Island was Bree’s attempt at removing herself from the emotionally abusive ex that wouldn’t leave her alone. She didn’t really care about the hurricane. Once on the island, though, she discovers that there are tons of pets that need her help, and she can’t help them all on her own.

You guessed it, sexy bad boy coming in for the romance. Bree’s bosses nephew, Drew, pops in to help with the pets, and maybe cure Bree’s loneliness as well. The two start to fall in love, but with the hurricane receding, and the presence of the unwanted ex, things get a little complicated between the two new love birds.

As with most other Meg Cabot books, the romance is adorable and the story is compelling. Sometimes you just need to curl up with a feel good romance and let all of your worries drift away. Though Bree has her fair share of problems within this book, it was still light hearted and fun to read. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

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Reading the Worst Rated Books on my Shelf


I’ve seen this trend recently, where Booktubers or I guess, whoever really wants to do it, will find the lowest rated books on Good Reads and read the books to see how well they like them, or if they have a different opinion than most of the population. Well, I figured since I have a ton of books on my shelves that I haven’t gotten around to reading yet, I would try and put my own little spin on things- as I usually like to do. It was a long arduous ordeal (not really lol), but I found the 10 lowest rated books on my shelf, and decided to set out and read them. It’s a painstaking job, but someones gotta do it.


Body Surfing

By: Anita Shreve

Good Reads Rating: 3.31


My Rating:



Sydney finds herself divorced and widowed at the ripe ol’ age of 29. She wasn’t expecting to be alone so soon, but now that she is, she has to find something to fill her time. Instead of wasting away, she decides to answer an ad to tutor a teenage girl. The teenage girl’s brothers show up at their summer beach house, and things start to happen. Sydney finds herself enjoying the company of each of the guys, and they seem to both be falling for her as well.

I have been an Anita Shreve fan for many years, I love her books, The Pilots Wife, and Light on Snow being my favorites. At times I found this book to be too complicated for as short as it is. The tension that was felt between all of the characters was sometimes passionate, and sometimes just annoying. I enjoyed the story, but it definitely isn’t going on my favorites list any time soon.


A Friend of the Family

by: Lauren Grodstein

Good Reads Rating: 3.29


My Rating:



Pete is looking forward to his son following in his footsteps, but when a friends daughter tries to steal his son away, Pete will do anything to get between the two young kids.

Was there even a plot to this book? Did anyone check to see if there was a purpose for the “story” that happened? Although this book was interesting, it was strange and not something that I would recommend for light weekend reading.


Second Life

by: S.J. Watson

Good Reads Rating: 3.25


My Rating:



Before I Go to Sleep was one of my favorite books when I read it all those years ago. I assumed I would really like this one as well. The premise sounds promising, Julia finds out her sister has been murdered, and she chooses to go on a path to find the killer. In the midst of all this, she finds herself getting into a relationship with a stranger she met online.

One of the main reasons that I rated this book so low was that I didn’t like Julia at all. She was not relatable, she wasn’t enjoyable to read about, and she was just…not a good person. Aside from that, there is just too much going on, to the point that it’s not believable. Once you get to the plot twist, it seems rather anticlimactic.



by: Jill Alexander Essbaum

Good Reads Rating: 3.23


My Rating



Anna is bored with her life, she wants something more fulfilling than just being a wife and mother. In her attempt to find solace inside and out, she has many affairs, some at the same time. This didn’t make Anna happy either, and the book ends in a very sad way.

I thought this book was very entertaining. I was actually expecting to really like this book, because I had heard of a few Booktubers that I watch who enjoyed it as well. It was a pretty good read, and one that I am kind of sad that I didn’t read a while ago.

Driving Lessons

by: Zoe Fishman

Good Reads Rating: 3.18


My Rating: 1


Sarah and her husband move from New York City to a quiet suburb down south. The relocation for her husband’s job is fine, but the fact that Sarah must decide whether she wants kids, and finally learn how to drive a car may be enough to drive her crazy.

Sarah acted like a little kid, she whined a lot if she didn’t get her way, and nothing was ever good enough for her. That’s basically the reason why I rated this book so low. There was basically no conflict within the entire book, and it was quite boring.


A Soft Place to Land

By: Susan Rebecca White

Good Reads Rating: 3.16


My Rating:



After their parents die in a plane crash, sisters Ruthie and Julia must deal with the aftermath. Interestingly enough, one of the provisions in their parents will is that the two girls be separated in the event that they both died. Watching the women grow up, and come back together as adults is beautiful and poignant.

I wasn’t positive I was going to like this book, but it really got to me. It was so thoughtful, so real, and the characters were often funny, down to earth, and believable. Especially when Ruthie and Julia come back together, wow it was powerful. If you want a good tear-jerker style book, then definitely go for this one.


Woman with a Secret

By: Sophie Hannah

Good Reads Rating: 3.1


My Rating:



Nicki is a woman with many secrets that she doesn’t tell her family, her friends, or anyone else in her life. The only person she talks about what’s going on is a stranger she has never met. When that stranger ends up murdered, Nicki is the first suspect on the list.

This book was super suspenseful, and kept my attention throughout. The only thing that I did not like about this book was that the main character, Nicki, was just not likable at all.


The Girl Below

By: Bianca Zander

Good Reads Rating: 3.06


My Rating:



I can’t even really tell you what this book is about. It was just…strange. This girl goes back to her childhood town and tries to uncover some mysteries of her family.

Did I finish the book? No. It just…didn’t catch my fancy at all. Ugh, I was honestly just bored and confused the entire time. I got about half way through and realized I didn’t care what happened to Suki or the story.


Good Little Wives

By: Abby Drake

Good Reads Rating: 3.05


My Rating:



This book was written in 2007, and to be honest, it shows. Those were the days of Desperate Housewives and Stepford Wives. This book totally takes every cliched situation from those types of shows and movies, mixes them all together, to create a conglomeration of dumb.

The first chapter of this book was, in a sense, pretty decent, at least the end of it. It left you on a cliff hanger, but then it just fell right off…I can’ even remember most of the characters names because there was nothing unique about anyone. Also, the woman on the cover looks to be young, and the women in the book are in their late 40’s and older. I was expecting to read a book about starter wives or something, but instead read about cranky old broads who are mad they aren’t young anymore.


The Affair

By: Alicia Clifford

Good Reads Rating: 2.96


My Rating:



Celia’s life gets torn apart when she finds out her husband has been lying to her, but they rekindle their marriage and move on from the little blip. Years later, Celia goes on vacation with some friends and meets a man. A man that she takes things a little too far with.

There was nothing in this book that really made it stand out to me. Nothing so shocking that I couldn’t believe I read it. It was mediocre at best, but still not a terrible story.

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All the Wrong Places


This book entrapped me from the very instant I started reading it. I know I say that about several books on my blog, but I have to be honest, it’s always true. All the Wrong Places by Joy Fielding is a novel told is multiple perspectives while the main character, Paige, takes her dating life online. When she meets Mr. Right Now through an online dating site, she’s not sure if he’s too good to be true, but she definitely has no idea that his whole game plan is to murder her and move on to the next girl on the site.

Paige has had almost everything she could ever want, the man, the job, so on and so forth. That’s why her cousin Heather wants to have Paige’s life. I mean, everyone says that look so much alike, so why can’t Heather just be Paige? That’s why Heather decides to sleep with Paige’s longtime boyfriend, and then eventually marry him. This causes a massive rift between the cousins, to the point where they don’t talk anymore.

As we watch the story weaving in and out, while Paige goes on dates with multiple men, and Mr. Right Now tries very hard to secure his and Paige’s destiny, as well as Heather and her seduction attempts, will Paige get what’s in store for her? Will she finally go on a date with Mr. Right Now? And if she does, will she make it out alive?

That’s for you to find out! This book is probably one of my most recommended this year. I tell all my friends, if you like thrillers, you’ll love this book. It’s so intense, but also has a little mystery to the point where you aren’t sure if you know what’s going on, or if you’re being tricked, plus the ending is just delicious. I had a blast reading this book, which means I think you will also! I give this one 5 out of 5 stars.

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Invisible as Air


Zoe Fishman is one of those authors who I will just read without even looking at the synopsis of her books. Invisible as Air is one of those stories that I didn’t really anticipate, because as soon as I saw her name on the cover, I knew I had to read it. This story is multifaceted, and Fishman knows how to take comedy and mix it with sorrow to create a masterpiece, that’s for sure. I absolutely adored this book, and wish I could know what the characters are up to now.

Let’s take a step back a little bit, so I can tell you about this book. First, we meet Sylvie. Her marriage is okay, I mean her husband just broke his ankle so he’s kind of been relaxing on the couch, to Sylvie’s dismay. That’s not their only issue, though. Sylvie has been struggling with the death of their stillborn daughter Delilah, from three years ago. So much so, that she’s pushed everyone aside in order to grieve. Her husband, Paul, and her son, Teddy, have felt the wrath of Delilah’s death. Sylvie would do anything just to feel normal again.

That’s when she notices Paul’s medication, the ones he’s supposed to be taking for his ankle. Well, he doesn’t want to be all doped up, he’d rather take Motrin and deal with the pain. Sylvie decides to slip one of those on her tongue, and what unfolds after is the makings of an addict.

While Sylvie struggles with her own demons, Teddy tries to become a man. What I mean by that, is he is getting ready for his Bar Mitsvah in a few months, but the project that he started,  he’s just not that into. With the help of a girl he meets by chance, he changes his project and hopefully the lives of some elderly people.

Paul has secrets of his own, though they might not be as bad as Sylvie’s. That doesn’t excuse him though, he and Sylvie need to come together and try to uncover the root of Sylvie’s addiction, unhappiness, and the issues in their marriage.

This book is just incredible. There are so many side storylines and so much humor, I found myself chuckling at the wit on nearly every page. Though there are some tough subjects in this book, it’ll make you smile none the less. I really enjoyed reading this, I think Zoe Fishman has a long career ahead of her, her books always make me smile. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

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The Only Skill that Matters


This book couldn’t have come to my doorstep at a better time. Not only am I juggling reading books, kids, and housework, I’m also NEARLY finished with my Master’s degree. Which means that I am in need of learning The Only Skill That Matters by Jonathan A. Levi.

For a short book, there is a lot of useful information here. Levi tells us about a new neuroscience-based approach to reading faster, remembering more, and living your best life. I already consider myself a fast reader, I mean heck, it’s part of my job, but understanding how to do it, why, and tricks of the trade has really helped me to develop this skill even more.

One of the things that I really liked about this book was that Levi tells us we all have the ability to remember and learn new ways of understanding or memorizing things. No one is smarter or dumber than the next person, and we all have the knowledge within us, we just have to get it out.

This book is perfect for people who are going back to school, trying to learn something new, or just want to improve their memory. It’s only about 130 pages, so it’s easy to read and simple to follow. I totally recommend this book, I give it 5 out of 5 stars.